• Diabetes and Exercise: What You Should Know
  • What to Do When You Have Celiac Disease and Diabetes
  • 8 Foods that Could be Beneficial to Treating Diabetes
  • Top 7 Reasons Why Smoking is More Dangerous for Diabetics
  • 5 Diabetes Travel Tips

Diabetes and Exercise: What You Should Know

Two of the most common types of diabetes are called Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes is also called adolescent diabetes, and differs from Type 2 in that the body stops producing insulin altogether. Type 2 diabetes is generally diagnosed in older individuals and occurs as their body stops producing an adequate amount insulin or the person becomes resistant to their own insulin. With either form of diabetes,…


What to Do When You Have Celiac Disease and Diabetes

Managing one health problem can be difficult, particularly when it involves sticking to a rigidly restricted diet.  Having celiac disease and diabetes is unfortunate but not impossible to live with. You may be surprised that up to 30% of people with diabetes also have celiac disease. The reason for this is that both diseases are auto immune diseases and may be closely linked. This article offers strategies to combine both…


8 Foods that Could be Beneficial to Treating Diabetes

Almonds: Eating almonds after the oil has been extracted is considered by some to be beneficial in the treatment of type 2 diabetes in some people. It is protein and does not contain any starch. Bananas: Bananas are believed to the useful in controlling type 2 diabetes in some people. According to the Journal of American Medical Association, Bananas and Skimmed milk provide a simple and effective way to help…

Smoking and diabetes

Top 7 Reasons Why Smoking is More Dangerous for Diabetics

Everyone now knows that smoking tobacco cigarettes is a serious health hazard. Smokers are often plagued with lung and respiratory problems and are at a higher risk of long term health conditions. Life-long smokers can expect to have their life expectancy shortened significantly due to this hazardous and dangerous practice. That being said, those with chronic illnesses such as Type I or II diabetes are at increased risk of complications…


What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Are you new to diabetes? If so keep on reading! With diabetes such an epidemic today, it is essential that you know exactly what it is. Why? Well, to prevent getting diabetes yourself that is!

In layman terms, “diabetes” is the inability of the body to process sugars properly. When we eat or drink, our “pancreas” produces a hormone called “insulin”. Insulin is released into the blood and helps to regulate the amount of glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream. Diabetes is a condition where this process does not function corre…


Diabetes Eye Health

Diabetes can play havoc with your eyes, and sometimes there are no early sumptoms. So you may have no idea anything is wrong until your eyesight is in danger. Diabetes eye health is very important. Here are the main eye problems that can be caused, or made worse, by diabetes. Cataracts These are often described as a clouding of the lens of the eye. They are treatable by surgery in…


What Type Of Insulin Is Right For Me?

Rapid onset-fast acting insulin Rapid onset-fast acting insulin always looks clear. It is fast acting and starts to work within one to 20 minutes. It peaks about one hour later and lasts from three to five hours. When you use this type of insulin, you must eat immediately after you inject. The two rapid onset-fast acting insulin types currently available are: 1. NovoRapid (Insulin Aspart) 2. Humalog (Lispro). Short acting…


Coping with Diabetes

Every day, in the United States, more than 2000 new cases of diabetes are diagnosed. Type II diabetes, the most prevalent form of diabetes worldwide, often shows few or even no symptoms! After eating, food is broken down into what is known as glucose, a sugar carried by the blood to cells throughout the body. Using a hormone known as insulin, made in the pancreas, cells process glucose into energy….


5 Diabetes Travel Tips

Planning ahead when you travel reduces stress. This is particularly important for a diabetic. These 5 diabetes travel tips are simple to implement and crucial to your diabetic management. They are particularly important if you are traveling abroad: Have a pre-travel check-up. Make sure your A1C blood sugar levels; your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels are OK. Get the appropriate shots for any country you plan to visit. Wear…


Have a Healthy Life Through Online Diabetes Resource and Information Websites

If you or someone close to you suffers from diabetes, you know what a life-altering condition it is. Diabetes-the inability of the metabolism to generate the insulin necessary to properly process blood sugar-affects millions of people in the United States alone. If properly diagnosed, diabetes in and by itself is not a fatal condition. However, keeping it under control is essential and that requires proper treatment and constant monitoring. And…