Insulin Pump Tip: Change your infusion site or risk infection!

If you are anything like me, you hate paying through the nose for diabetes supplies. Even with insurance supply costs are through the roof! These costs skyrocket even higher if you are on insulin pump therapy. But who wouldn’t use an insulin pump? Studies have shown that when using an insulin pump to control diabetes, the risk of complications down the road are dramatically decreased. So because of this, many of us just end up sucking it up and paying.

How do you get around the high costs of diabetes supplies? Well, many people (myself included) have decided to try and reuse insulin pump supplies. I am not advocating this practice, but I have been able to save a few bucks and cut costs by extending the life of my supplies. One thing that you definitely DO NOT want to do is leave your injection site in. If you leave your site in the same place for too long, you will risk getting infection. Scar tissue will build up and the insulin may not absorb properly. This can cause all sorts of problems, including hospitalization and DKA. Not a wise choice.

My advice, if I were to give any, is to reuse the resivoir. I have used resivoirs multiple times with no problem. Of course, you will want to make sure that the insulin is flowing properly when you refill the insulin and prime, but I have successfully used some resivoirs 2 or 3 times. If you are going to be in hot, dry areas, this is probably not a good idea. But if you are mostly indoors in a cool area, you should be okay. Just keep in mind that I am not a doctor, who would probably tell you not to reuse your diabetes supplies or insulin pump supplies. I’m also guessing that the insulin pump supply companies would discourage this practice as well.

But lets face it, some of the supplies can be reused and can save us a couple of bucks. I’m willing to give it a go if my healthcare costs can be lowered. Just remember to be smart and safe about it!