Food Street-Diabetic Android App Review

Are you looking for great tasting diabetic-friendly recipes? If you are, then you will love this simple little app for Android.

One of the first things that you will notice when you open up the app is that it is very simple and aesthetically pleasing. The “home” screen consists of six basic categories: soups, salads, appetizers, main courses, side line, and deserts. Those categories should cover most of your basic options for a great meal.

Once you’ve decided which category you would like to explore, simply tap the category icon. You’ll be taken next to category page with a list of recipes in that category. So, salads for example, has about 15 different recipes to choose from. The titles and names of the recipes are pretty straight forward, which make the decision process of choosing the recipes a whole lot easier.

Pick the one you want, then you’ll be brought to a screen with a short description of the recipe, along with a list of easy to follow preparation instructions. At the bottom you’ll find a little icon you can tap to see all of the ingredients, which makes it convenient to refer to while you’re at the grocery store. At the bottom, you will also find a “tips & tricks” section at the bottom, but there are very few recipes that actually have tips and tricks. Also along the bottom, you’ll find a “method” icon, but none of the recipes I viewed actually had that option enabled.

Apart from an occasional freeze up, this little app can be a big help for those looking for great tasting, diabetic-friendly recipes.

You can download and read more about this app on the Android Marketplace (