Diabetes Resources Online

Useful Online Diabetes Resources Links

This page contains many useful online diabetes resources and links to websites online that can help you gain better control of your diabetes or help care for others in your life who are living with this chronic, but manageable disease. If you have any useful links or would like to see any additions to this list, please email me at taysvansickle@gmail.com and I’ll do my nest to get the list updated ASAP.

Online Diabetes Management Resources

  • TuDiabetes
    TuDiabetes is website and community of people who’s lives have been touched by Diabetes
  • Diabetic Connect
    Diabetic Connect claims it is a community dedicated to improving the lives of those with Diabetes. It’s online community allows those with diabetes to connect with other diabetics and learn more about diabetes. That being said, Diabetic Connect is part of a larger health network called Alliance Health, who’s main goal of operating disease-centric websites is to gather patient information for marketing and advertising purposes for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Online Diabetes Money Saving Resources

  • Cornerstones 4 Care
    This website is a must for anyone with type 1 diabetes using an insulin pump. You can get huge savings on Novolog, which is now the preferred insulin for pumpers over Humolog.