How to connect your glucose meter to your laptop

Connect Your Meter to Your Computer

A while back I was looking for a way to easily connect my LifeScan OneTouch glucose meter to my laptop so that I could download the results and view them in my software. There were 2 things standing in my way: 1. I have a Mac laptop not compatible with the meter 2. I didn’t have a cable compatible with my computer… Luckily, after about an hour of searching I came across a great solution.

A USB Cable for Mac and Windows PC’s!

A company called Celeritous has a cable that is compatible with all of the LifeScan OneTouch glucose meters for both Mac and PC. It only costs $26.95 and comes with a cd with all of the drivers you need to make the cable work with your computer. The guys over there offer very good support if you have any questions too. I had several questions that I sent to them over email, and they got back with me very quickly

Sync Results to an Online Service

Another great thing about this cable by Celeritous is that it makes it very easy to use with an online service such as HealthEngage. HealthEngage and other similar sites allow you to download blood glucose levels from your meter and sync them up with the website. They will import and graph the results, which you can then view and look for trends and make adjustments. You can also share these results with your healthcare provider. If you are looking for a great way to manage your diabetes and keep your blood sugar and A1c results low, this is a great solution.

Integration Is Worth It!

Integration is very important to me. Especially when it comes to my diabetes. A lot of people are looking for ways to simplify their life. It’s easy to become unorganized when you have your blood glucose meter, insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor, and many other devices and doodads! I have one more thing to add to your gadget pile, but believe me, it’s worth it!