How to Use Google Forms to record your Blood Sugars

Technology is quickly becoming integrated into virtually every piece of technology we own. This does not exclude diabetes technology. Unfortunately many of these advanced features can be accessed solely through these advanced, yet cost prohibitive products. I have found a way to bring use the net in a way that has the ability to help you reduce your blood glucose levels and in turn, reduce your Hemoglobin A1c Test which should be taken at least every 4-5 months.

I have recently been using Google Forms to keep track of my blood sugar and use it as a simple log book that I can access from any where using only my computer with an internet connection. Google Forms are VERY simple to set up, and even more simple to track, All you have to do is go to into your Google Docs account and create a new form. It is very easy to customize and add a few fields. In my personal form, I created fields for the blood sugar reading, what foods I had eaten, if it was pre or post meal, and a section for any notes that I would like to add.

Another great thing about using Google Forms for this is that you can see the information that you entered in in a Google Docs spreadsheet with a timestamp for each record. This is something that can easily be printed out or even exported into Excel format. Recently Google Docs has been given better mobile access, allowing you to have vital blood sugar records with you all of the time.

The chances that you will monitor your blood sugar more frequently and keep your blood glucose levels significantly lower are greatly increased. As they say, knowledge is power, and the more knowledge you have about what your blood sugar is doing, the more control you will have over your health. So make use of this great technology that we have at our fingertips!