Look out pumpmers it looks like the next iPhone will be integrated with an insulin pump!

Okay, I will confess. I made that headline up. The headline could actually have read something like ” new insulin pump takes visual ques from Apple.” The new Cellnovo insulin pump definitely looks more a like product Steve Jobs would don his mock-tee to announce. Yet, without much fanfare, the Cellnovo insulin pump system had come onto the scene. It definitely has an interesting product name, so let’s see what other info we can dig up on it!!

First off all, it uses a modern touch screen. And it’s in FULL COLOR. Wow! That is not something I ever expected  to see in my lifetime. The pump is supposed to a revolutionary on many levels. The best feature I was able to find on this device is that it delivers insulin extremely accurately. It uses a “siphon” effect to deliver the needed insulin.

To be fair though, I think that having the pump split up into 3 different components is not the best idea. I really like how reliable and compact my Minimed Paradigm has been working for me.

But to each his own 🙂