OnTrack Diabetes Android App Review

Looking for a great Android app to help track and control your diabetes? OnTrack Diabetes (http://bit.ly/ePgmEP) is a great little app for this, and should cover most of your digital logbook needs.

Entries in OnTrack Diabetes Android app

One of the first things that I noticed is that there is a very nice “dashboard” interface when you start up the app. There are several icons that give you access to add blood glucose readings, edit them, view reports, and adjust your personal settings. This makes it very nice for customization. There are several other diabetes android apps that just don’t cut it in the interface department. OnTrack Diabetes is definitely not lacking in this area, and in fact, it makes if VERY easy to use.

Another great feature of OnTrack Diabetes is that works with “entries”. This method allows you to put in multiple pieces of data at one time. What this means is that when entering in insulin dosage, blood glucose, and food/meal info, you can do it all in the same entry on the same screen. This is especially good for those who are using the app to fine-tune their insulin dosing because the more information you can capture, the better. This is definitely an app that your care-provider will love!

And that brings us to the next great feature about this app: reports. This gives you the ability to export the data from the app in a variety of non-proprietary formats including CSV,HTML,XML. This is great for sharing medical data with your doctor and healthcare providers. It also makes it easy if you want to store a backup of your data for future use. I found this feature made it very easy for me to get my readings and keep an updated XCEL spreadsheet. To do this, you simply use the exported CSV file and import it into XCEL. If you are like me, you might want to create your own custom graphs or tables. If not, simply use this feature as a backup option.

Overall, OnTrack Diabetes is a great app for diabetics. Plus it is free! So if you need a fairly simple way to keep tabs on your diabetes using an Android app, dive this one a try ASAP!