Test your blood sugar using USB

This may seem like a far fetched claim, but technology has finally caught up enough to where we can plug our glucometers right into our computers, instead of those pesky cords. The CONTOUR® USB Meter is a nice little meter that you can easily fit in your pocket or other smaller spaces. It is similar in size and shape to the Lifescan Ultra Mini. It is sleek black and comes with a bright, color OLED display. This is impressive since the top selling meters are still black and white or two toned. The Contour is pretty high tech. It comes preloaded with AutoLog technology for intuitive marking of pre-meal and post-meal test results. It also has a Built-in USB connection for instant access to test patterns and trends, and even comes with Bayer’s GLUCOFACTS® DELUXE diabetes management software. This sounds great and all, but the diabetes management software that comes with is only PC compatible. Until then I guess all of us really cool mac users will just have to wait (or come up with a hack!!)

Overall, I feel like this is a great meeter. You get a small and convenient sized glucometer that you can plug into your own computer!!