The 3 Best iPhone Apps for Diabetics

Are you looking for the best diabetes iPhone apps? There are a lot of health and diabetes apps in the Apple app store right now. The market has been saturated, and there are a lot of bad apps out there. There are definitely many diabetes apps for iPhone out there, but when looking for one to use you should ask yourself “, How canI improve my health by using an application?” You don’t want to waste your time on an app that you don’t really need. There are apps that can keep track of your blood sugar test results and email them to your doctor to be reviewed weekly. You can use your iPhone as log to keep track of insulin shots and food that you’ve eaten. One great thing that diabetic apps are useful for are carb counting. Certain iPhone Apps have almost everything you can think of to eat along with all of the nutritional info right there. So what is the best diabetes app for iphone? Well, here are just a few:

1. Diabetes Buddy- Control Your Blood Sugar

A screen from the diabetes buddy iphone app.
**** (4/5) rating in Apple App store

With most of the apps that are out there for diabetics, blood sugar control and tracking are the most important features of the App. Well, Diabetes Buddy goes at it using a different approach. The difference is that Diabetes Buddy is trying to help users manage their diabetes by tracking the factors that influence our blood sugar levels. This app really comes across to me as a proactive type of app, and not just another logbook. Great app overall!

2. dLife Diabetes Companion

*** (3/5) rating in Apple App store

Well I guess it’s kind of hard to miss the glaringly obvious connection of the app to the mega-diabetes site dLife. This is not a bad thing either. dLife Diabetes Companion is more or less a mobile version of the website with mobile access to many of the same resources that are available on the site. With the app you can look up food information and log your blood sugar checks. You also have access to a Q & A section and a video section. This is a great app in general, and is one that will allow you to take care of many tasks important to the the modern-day diabetic.

Screen shot of blood sugar log from dLife Diabetes Companion iPhone App

3. Glucose Buddy

**** (4/5) rating in the Apple App store

If you’re looking for the king of all “logbook” style diabetes apps, look no further! Glucose buddy gives you every feature and functionality that you can dream of. You can track food, exercise, insulin dosages and other activities. The app has been described as the data storage utility for diabetics. It even syncs this data to After you have captured all of the “data” you can then analyze it with beautiful graphs and charts. Talk about being thorough! Take this app into your next doctors visit and they may pass out from amazement. Either way this app gets an A+!!

There are way more apps out there that would be good for Diabetics to use, and I know I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. We would love to hear from you about any other iPhone apps that are useful to diabetics. We look forward to hearing your feedback!