What?! There are 2 types of diabetes?!

Every chance I get I try and educate people about diabetes. With all of the information and free diabetes resources on the internet nowadays, it has never been easier to educate those around us who may not know about diabetes.

The other day I was at work and a new coworker of mine offered me some candy. I politely declined the offer because I had just eaten lunch and was still full. “Great! Give the diabetic some candy,” replied one of my other coworkers. The new guy who offered me candy apologized quickly and looked embarrassed. “No problem,” I told him. I then explained that if it were a little later, I would probably have accepted his offer and eaten a few pieces of candy. With that, a crowd started to gather around me as I continued on to explain that I do carbohydrate counting and use an insulin pump. I was flooded with questions about pills, amputations, and Aunt Bertha. “We know WAY more about diabetes these days,” I continued. I explained that for anything I eat with carbs I would need to give myself insulin. A piece of bread or a piece of candy. I would have to take insulin for both. This is a strange concept for many to grasp with all of the preconceived notions and misinformation flying around. Needless to say, after my “lesson” most everyone around me walked back to their desks scratching theirs heads. Many of them had no idea that diabetics were “allowed” to eat sweets every now and then. Better yet, most of them had no idea that their were even 2 types of diabetes.

I have made it one of my new years resolutions this year to take the chance to educate those around me who may not understand much about diabetes. There really are so many diabetes resources available to use to help teach them, that I really don’t have any excuse not to educate others.